How much money do I need to train in india ?

I have a training opportunity in karunya university -Tamil Nadu .
So I was discussing the cost of training and the details are the following :
1- The sleeping is free ( cost of lodging is covered ).
2- They will pay me 6000 INR .
So how much approximately will I need extra money ?

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  1. hiii
    actually the expenses depends upon you living style. if you are little conservative,,,then 6000 INR per month is enough for you. As your lodging is free and you won’t need more than 3000 per month for food.
    your other expenses like cloth washing, transport etc will be easily covered with the remaining amount. but you have to take care of your mobile recharge expenses because international call charges are high in India.
    don’t worry…come to India,,,Tamil Nadu is a very good place,, u will enjoy it

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