6 Replies to “How much investment i need to show to save a taxable amount of 140000?”

  1. if your total income is Rs.140000 p.a.then as per the slab rates applicable foll.is the situation:
    for males- exempt upto Rs.150000
    for females-exempt upto Rs.185000
    for senior citizens (resident of india)- exempt upto Rs.225000
    As per sec 80C ONE CAN INVEST UPTO Rs.100000 ond avail exemtion- NSC, PPF, paying installment of housing loan,paying int. for education loan in india,savings in post office etc…
    as per sec 80D -EXEMTION AVAILABLE UPTO 20% of the assured amt. in medical insurance..
    there are varios other sections….

  2. for the financial year 1st April 2008 to 31st March 2009, if your annual income is Rs.140000/- then there is no income tax payable for your annual income. Because the annual income of Rs.150000 and above only will be taxable.
    so, for tax saving purpose, there is no need to invest in Insurance for this financial year.

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