How much insurance one can get in LIC life insurance?

Hi, I am 33 yr. old. I want to know what is the maximum amount of insurance I can get including all the policies.
I mean whether its 17 / 20 times the annual average of last 3 yrs gross total income / net income

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  1. They usually give around 8-10 times your annual income. Visit Their rates are one of the lowest. Insurance is an expense , not an investment. For investment there are much better avenues.

  2. Hi,

    The amount of insurance depends on the jurisdiction of the underwriter and your financial and medical details. According to Financial Underwriting norms of a certain insurer, it is 15 times the annual income according to the IT return or Salary slip submitted by you.

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    Rupanjali m

  3. for age group 31 to 40, it is 17 times of gross annual income as per LIC guidelines on financial undertaking.

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