3 Replies to “How much charges will cut by using sbi net banking?”

  1. Amount Rate Minimum Charge Maximum Charge
    Upto Rs.50,000/- Free of charge NIL NIL

    Above Rs.50,000/- and Rs.0.20 per Rs. 1,000/- for the Rs.2/- per txn Rs.10/- per txn
    upto Rs. 1 lac for the amount in excess of
    amount in excess of Rs.50,000/-

    Above Rs. 1.00 lac and Rs.10/ plus Rs.0.50 per Rs.10/- per txn Rs.24.50/- per txn
    upto Rs. 1,29,000/- Rs.1,000/ for the amount in
    excess of Rs.1,00,000/-

    Rs. 1,29,001/- and above Rs.25/ per transaction, Rs.25/- per txn Rs.25/- per txn
    irrespective of amount of

  2. No charges, It is absolutely free. The charges are on other products . They are draft issue, collection of outstation cheques etc, Many services like payment of utility bill , deposit of taxes etc. are free.

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