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  1. A lot depends on where you are going and how safe it is.

    I would recommend carrying about a weeks worth of spending cash with you. Put some in your wallet and some hidden down the bottom of your bag.

    It is rare for people to take all the money they need in cash when they travel. But cash is easily changed in many places while travellers cheques are more of a pain.

    Even if you take all of it in cash, you should have access to a credit card or other resource for emergencies so that you can get more money when you need it.

    The UK is pretty expensive, but for daily spending you might be looking at least 50-100 pounds a day (excluding other things, like hotels and major travel)

  2. Only keep a 50 dollars or less in small bills in your wallet. Keep the rest in a money belt under your clothes. Then never never let anyone know about or see your money belt.

  3. There are many ATMs so it is not necessary to carry a lot of cash and by all means avoid traveller checks.