4 Replies to “how many times in month i can withdraw money from hdfc bank atm,i have sbi atm card?”

  1. It is free 4 times in a month.You can do any no of transactions. If exceeds 4 trxns Rs 20 per txn will be charged.You can withdraw 3 times in a day or maximum rs 15000in a day. [Rs 40000 in SBI ATM].
    Since SBI ATMs are everywhere,it is better to avoid other bank ATMs.

  2. You can draw five times in a month without any charge.
    If you want to draw more than five times in a month you will have to pay withdrawal charges. This charge will be deducted by SBI from your account.

  3. Please log on to RBI website and check FAQ’s you will get the answers for all your queries related to banking…, the first five withdrawal will be free then 6th one will be charged

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