6 Replies to “How long will it take to open/activate a savings bank account after submission of documents in SBI?”

  1. Ur account will be activated on that day itself.
    And you will get the ATM by post to your local address with in 3-4 weeks and 1 week after u getting ATM card go to the branch and collect your pin there.

  2. hello
    if you like to open to your saving account it’s so easy …..!
    (1) you have 18 years old after that you have open bank account..
    (2)you have submit and see some document that’s like 3 passport size photograph, your residency proof, telephone ya electricity bill, ration card, driving licence, pan card, etc…. but you have one item you need.
    (3)after that go to bank and fill up the form and submit the form for bank assistant …
    (4)than you have submit i think 2000RS .deposit draft and after that to give pass book and sleep book you have need and student so some hour than to offer check book …
    so you have open your privet saving account
    other wise you have open the joint account this account two members vedroh money and this account partner your father , mother , is blood reelection not other ….decide to you …
    and open the account after that three and four day issue your ATM card this card some charge it’s 1000 rupees per years and GOLDEN card charge around 1500 rupees per years …and your PIN number have to you know that after 12 days that…
    so ….ALL THE BEST….

  3. why not you ask this from sbi itself however i find service at sbi is not upto a standard and there is harrasment as the staff i find are aged personnel looks tired

  4. Account will be activated on the same day after due verification and approval: If you have request for ATM card, the application will be processed and will be supplied within 10days: You will be provided sealed Pin:

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