3 Replies to “How long should an independent property adjuster keep copies of a file.?”

  1. Hurricane Katrina litigation is still going on.

    I’d keep those records for a couple more years. Just stick them in some boxes out of the way.

    You don’t want to get drug into some of that litigation and not have your records.

  2. Nope, you need to keep them until the longer of, the statute of limitations runs out in that state, or the litigation has all been settled.

    I think if it were me, I’d keep them at LEAST ten years.

  3. I co-own an independent adjusting firm in the mid-west so have no experience in LA. The general rule of thumb is to keep all file materials for a minimum of 6 yrs. However, some states have longer or shorter rules.

    I would suggest that you contact the company or companies that hired you and ask them how long they want you to keep them.

    I agree that since Katrina lawsuits are still pending I wouldn’t get rid of a thing at this time.

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