3 Replies to “how long I have to wait too see my investment in ulip of bajaj allianze’s unitgain doubled?.?”

  1. in 2005-06 bajaj allianz paid 48.16% return. Means if you invested in that ULIP in2005, you might have been doubled now.

    bajaj providing good market returns in ULIP.

    BUT in my opinion Dont choose UNIT gain Policy. Becuase it have high allocation charges like other corporates.
    Choose Capital Unit gain policy in Bajaj. This has lesser allocation charges (5% only). so you can save your capital by 15 to 28% than other ULIPs.
    (eg allocation charge in LIC26.5% allocation Charges, ICICI 20%, Aviva 20%, …..)
    Also dont buy it from tradational advisors. now a days bajaj ulips are available thrugh refferal marketing. in this way you can also earn more refferal commisions in addition to policy benifit.
    can you believe that three of your potential refferal can yield you 28crores in a course of time?
    its a lengthy subject. for more details about ULIPS and refferal bonus contact in
    [email protected]

  2. In any ULIP plan , the amount invested will be only the left out amount after deducting for risk cover, allocation charges, admin.charges etc. hence the investment will around 70% of your investment.

    And another thing, you cannot rely on the returns they promise, because it is under market risks.

    For more details you may contact me at [email protected]

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