4 Replies to “how long do i have to wait to use my paypal account after giving my credit card details?”

  1. paypal is going to deposit money into your bank account and you have to verify it first before you can use the account. takes a few days.

  2. Most vendors will wait for confirmation of payment before shipping.
    Both you and the vendor will have to wait for the confirmation that the funds were transferred.

  3. If you linked a credit card to your Pay Pal account you should be able to pay for the item immediately.

    Keep in mind you did say credit card.

    Linking your bank account will take longer.

  4. Hello

    Normally it takes 2 days to get verification code appeared in your CC statement. Check 3-4 digit verification code in your CC statement when ever it is available and then post this code into paypal to activate account.

    You can get this verification code in these ways..

    1. Wait for the monthly statement (which need long wait)
    2. Check online statement using internet banking (provided it is available for your card)
    3. last option is call up, CC customer support and ask to give them full detail of the payment proccessed by paypal. Last charaters of this transaction details will be verification code..

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