2 Replies to “How is New Pension Scheme which is going to be launched in India in April 2009?”

  1. Don’t compare this Pension Scheme with FT and UTI Pension Plans or any other Pension Plan offered by Life Insurance Companies. It is somewhat different in terms of management with features not available with the existing pension plans from life insurance companies besides FT and UTI. We can say that it is somewhat like the PPF. The strategy remains same. You invest for some period, and then, out of the accumulated corpus, you will be paid pension.

  2. Hi,

    some amount from the private company will invest into the pension scheme like PF. later age you’ll receive that amount as pension like govt employee.

    There is lot things are there in that. nothing like hidden matters. so don’t worry just leave it.

    i made the above stmt as simple as i can.

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