How is Birla Sunlife High Net Worth Plan?

Hi I m 31 yrs old working in PSU compony as an Engineer, I want to take Birla Sunlife high Networth policy for 50 lacs Rs but I m in confusion that is it worth to take term policy coz if nothing will happen upto maturity then I will not get any money after 30 yeras.Also what is the chances that private co. will perform good still 30 years, I m little bit doubtful about getting claims from private componies. so somebody please guide me how is the plan & what are risk factors with this plan?

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  1. Hi

    You can for Reliance Special Term Credit Plan lowest premium with high insurance coverage and the entire money gets refunded upon maturity and your life is covered throughout the policy term

    Example for a 3 lakh coverage you will be paying approx 3,007 (If your age is 31 lesser the age lesser the premium) and after 20 years you will be getting the total amount invested 60,140 (3007*20=60,140) so its like your covered for free

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  2. Let me tell you something. Term plan is the cheapest insurance. Insurance means that you buy(pay for it) financial security for your family. And I am sure that you don’t expect it to be free. Even in other insurance products like ULIP, endowment etc, where you feel like you get the money back, you are still charged for the insurance. Just that it is not directly mentioned to you. It’s like this. You have two options –
    1. You pay 100/- every month and get an insurance of 1Lac. No money is returned to you if you survive.
    2. You pay 1500/- per month and you get your money back after say 20 years. But you will be charged 100/-for life insurance + 25/- for investment + 20/- for fund management etc etc.
    You will choose the second option because nobody clearly told you about the charges and you have the feeling that you are getting money back.
    So, which is better? To give you an answer, there are two types of insurances. One is for the customer(called term plan) and other is actually for the insurance company(most other types of insurance plans). That’s why no agent tells you to buy term plan.

    As for security, well on paper it’s a guaranteed product irrespective of the company. But for the sake of personal comfort, you can go for LIC or other similar insurer.

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  4. you can go for MetSuvidha an endowment plan of Metlife ins.
    it is one of the top USA Ins. company working good in india.
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