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  1. Bajaj Allianz Shield Plus, a single premium fixed-term unitlinked plan that gives you choice of investment options to achieve your desired objective at maturity. So planning for a target amount is made easy now
    Key Benefits:
    1.Single Premium plan with fixed -term of 10 years.
    2.Sum Assured can be chosen to be equal to 1.1 or 5 times of the Single Premium
    3.Shield Plus Fund ll offers you guaranteed minimum unit price at maturity
    4.Maximum 100% allocation of Single Premium paid.
    Guranteed 170%

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  2. hii
    Bajaj allianz shield plus will be giving u less return and insurance cover also would be less. So, If you are in young age better to take term plan and top rated mutual fund for invest like HDFC TOP 200 etc. for more details u can contact me on my mail id- [email protected]