How is Aegon Relegare’s iTerm Plan?

Can i buy online Aegon Relegare’s iTerm Plan? but ther are only few locations provided in the website.
How is the Plan, and why there is huge difference b/w premium of other company’s term plan, Is there any black hole or hidden things in this policy? KIndly suggest…

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  1. Its the cheapest term plan available in the market.

    The reason for low rates are removal of agents (the r not paid any commission) .. the policy cn b bought online.. and it provides life covers in few situations only.. overall one of the best term plans..

  2. yes it a very cheap way for getting hte best form of insurance ( term plan) . the only drawback is that there are no riders to this policy. it is very important to have rider like critical illeness cover. etc.

    it is will be great to split your total requirement into 2 to 3 companies. if you want say X amount if you die today, but if you stay alive for next 5 years, you will build a better next. say after 10 years you will still a better next. thus go to best Term plan ( say Hdfc for X/3) , say , Tata aig and iterm. for 5 and 10 years respectively .

  3. Hi Mr Prakash,

    It is one of the cheapest plan but it is not the best.

    Generally if we go to market to buy thing we will tend towards cheapeast one, its a thing we can manage but this is your life, go for best one not the cheapest.

    Reason iam saying to for best is this is for your life and its a term plan, if some risk happens claim settlement should happen smoothly without any problems to the family members more over the person who has taken this plan will be no more tp see wheather the claim is settled or not. whether his goal of securing his family is fulfilled or not.

    Go for a strong company which has good values and the company which has strong claim settlement process.

    By considering all these things will strongly suggest you to go for HDFC Term Plan, Which is the best in the industry…..

    if you provide me your age and how much cover you are looking for i will tell you the premium you need to pay.

    mail me your details to [email protected]

    looking forward to help you…….

    Krishna Mohan

  4. iTerm is like any other general term plan. You could buy the plan online. If you have any doubts about the location you can call there toll free number 1800 209 9090 for assistance. I went through the policy document did not find anything indicating any catch. The terms and condition in the plan are same as in any other term plan. If it is cheaper than term plan from other companies. I would suggest go for it.

    Brochure of the plan is available at


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