How I will get land purchase loan?

I am a central govt employee in salary is around Rs. 20, costs 15 lakhs. Whats the max. Amnt of loan I can much interest? Which bank provide loan with min interest and less procedure?

How I will get land purchase loan?
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  1. Land purchase means – for house site or agricultural land ?
    For house site only, IDBI/LICHF are the avenues besides some in cooperative sector and for agrl.lands you can contact any nationalised bank of that area

  2. In general you may get around Rs.10 lakhs loan. But there is a scheme for central government employees in LIC HFL the repayment period will be till the superannuation date. Again they consider retirement benefits as part lumpsum payment at end. So you can get around Rs.12.75 lakhs in LIC HFL.

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