How I will Get Bank Loan For Property?

I am in printing Business, my monthly income is around 15 to 40k, but not fixed, I want to buy property in Virar around 12 to 15 lakhs, how I will get Bank loan?

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  1. Getting housing loan is made very easy now a days.But do wait for some months as the interest rate as gone up sharply and expecting that it will come down due to RBI.Good luck

  2. Please contact a bank branch. They will guide you. You can also visit the website of a bank. To my knowledge, public sector banks like SBI charge comparatively lower rates of interests(Though, at present, interest rates are high in all banks, as compared to 1-2 years ago).

  3. Any nationalised bank will consider your loan for purchase a flat if you are filing IT return.You are eligible for 5 times of your gross income as per your last IT return.Approach your bank & they will help you out.

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