How i start a SIP of HDFC TOP200 ? I have a saving a/c in sbi bank.?

I have a saving a/c in SBI bank. can i payment of SIP through ECS from my SBI a/? or I shall open a saving a/c in HDFC bank?

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  1. 1 cancle cheque , 1 cheque with Request later and for more detail youcan ask in hdfc bank
    you can wisit your nearst hdfc bank
    but yes remember the employee wil try sale some product so give them goli if you not want purchase any

  2. Yes you can start a SIP in HDFC Top 200 through ECS from your SBI account.

    You will have to fill up the required forms of HDFC Top 200 fund and the ECS form as well. Through ECS every month your pre-agreed sum of money will be deducted from SBI acc and get invested in HDFC Top 200.

    To get the forms at your door-step and to know more about financial planning, feel free to reach me at [email protected]

  3. Go for a SIP for 12 months. You give 1 cheque for this month , the next 11 months your SBI a/c will be debited every month on 15th, /10th,/ 20th / 25th. You can choose the date. Opt for email statement. Give a xerox copy of your PAN CARD & cheque leaf ( SBI a/c) .

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