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  1. Never invest money on the stock market that you cannot afford to lose.
    Like any other business you need to do a lot of research and learn as much as you can about it. You should have a plan, which outlines exactly what it is that you wish to achieve from your investments in shares. Then research companies to find those which meet with your criteria and then buy shares in them at the predetermined price.

    If you are in Australia the go to the ASX website and spend many hours there learning how to access information about the market and various companies. When you are ready to buy you will need to find a stockbroker and register with them. They will have a web site at which you will be able to trade.

  2. BEAR are still Active BE ALEART

    It was an absolutely dismal close to this week. The worse nightmare is in, we are in four digits now for the Sensex, the psychological level of 10,000 has been broken for the first time since July 2006 marking a new low for 2008, a multi year low actually and even the Nifty has plunged below its leaning support level of 3,100. So whichever way you look at it, the lows are not holding, fresh lows have happened last week and psychologically important levels have got broken up. 10,000 may just be a level but it makes a lot of difference to see the Sensex at four digits after seeing it at 21,000 just a few months back. So, this bear market is in full flow right now. There are no signs of a bottom yet and we are crumbling with every passing day.
    We had a big sell off on Friday and that was led by the power sector with stocks like NTPC, Reliance Infra, Suzlon, Siemens, BHEL, L&T all of them are breaking down. ICICI Bank took a huge knock, Unitech and DLF continue their bottom less fall and other largecap names like Reliance have got hammered up with not too many places to hide, the breadth on Friday has also been quite bad as well.
    Now if 9700 goes than 9252 is a strong support to deal with. The support for the Sensex is 9550 and the resistance to the up move is at 11410. Nifty (3269): The support for the Nifty is at 2907-2848 and the resistance to the up move is at 3378-3411.
    Its entire rise was from 2594 in September 2001 to 21206 in January 2008. The 50% retracement level is placed at 11900 and 61.8% is placed at 9700 llevel. Since the Sensex has violated and closed below 9975, we could see it slide towards the 9700-9252 level at least.

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