9 Replies to “How had kurt angle become an olympic Gold metalist, Was it Real fight or fake?”

  1. Kurt Angle’s gold medal claim is legit, and has nothing to do with WWE or “pro” wrestling.

    In 1996 at the Atlanta Summer Olympics, Angle defeated Iran’s Abbas Jadidi to win the gold medal in heavyweight freestyle wrestling.

    So, not only is he a gold medalist… but by defeated an Iranian, his “American hero” claim was legitimate too.

    Look up “Kurt Angle Olympic Win” on Google, and the first link that pops up is a YouTube video of his Olympic victory.

  2. Greco Roman Wrestling is an olympic sport, he wrestled for the United States in atlantas 1996 olympic games, he is a llegit wrestler before he took up professinal wrestling so to answer your question, it was a real event, he had to wrestle a couple times not just one “fight”

  3. He won the 100 KG class in FREESTYLE at the 1996 Olympic Games, not Greco. I’m not sure what you mean by “fake”. He won the medal with a broken neck

  4. Olympics are real and there are doctors who can verify that he had a broken neck and shouldn’t of been competing!

    Just look up the Archive footage of the 1996 Olympics, truly, athletes do not compete at the Olympics for the Fame, at the most, they achieve is maybe making it on the cover a Wheaties Box, Athletes compete at the Olympics for Two Reasons, because they are proud of their Countries, and to prove they are best by winning the Gold!

    Here is the Footage, there is no way of faking this:

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