2 Replies to “How far the sensex continue to rise? Not able to understand why it is shooting up for the past 2 to 3 weeks?”

  1. There is a theory doing rounds in the market related circles : Seems contacts related to the politicians are keeping the markets up to create illusion of robust economy. If it is so then markets will keep the momentum till elections are over.

    There are absolutely NO quality positive triggers / news in Indian markets. In fact the markets have stopped discounting bad news items as of now. Strange things!!

    Am selling on these levels + taking positions in NIFTY PUTs of lower levels. Sooner or later markets will come down. It is very unusual to see the markets going up every day ( sometimes even after opening in Red ).

    Be very very cautious about your positions now.

  2. It will come down soon enough, and when it does, it will be very quick drop.

    The whole world is in very bad shape now, get used to bad news from everywhere for the next few years.

    Those who are greedy will lose their investments. Be content with a couple of % points from the bank, and conserve your money for better times.

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