How far back we can file pending salary IT return?

I am salaried employee, working in reputed IT company, since Apr 07, since then I am doing regular investment in LIC & PPF, however, I failed to furnish details to Payroll & hence they deducted TDS on my salary where as I was not actually liable for,
Worse is I even failed to file salary Tax return since AY 2008-09 & AY 2009-10
Now I am filling my IT return for AY 2010-11, Can I fill my pending IT return for AY 2008-09 & AY 2009-10 as well now in these year & can I claim refund thereto, is there any consequences in that

How far back we can file pending salary IT return?
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  1. Section 271F. Penalty for failure to furnish Return of Income:
    If a person who is required to furnish a return of his income, as required under sub-section (1) of section 139 or by the provisos to that sub-section, fails to furnish such return before the end of the relevant assessment year, the Assessing Officer may direct that such person shall pay, by way of penalty, a sum of Rs. 5000/-.

    You can file your ITR for the previous AYs. You will not get any TDS refund.


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