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  1. They withhold an estimated amount out of your wage or salary. At the end of the year you file a tax return. You report your income, subtract certain deductions, and a personal exemption exclusion based on the number of people in your family. This results in your taxable income. From this you go to a tax table which will tell you your tax liability. This is compared with the amount withheld from your wage or salary. Usually you will get a small tax refund, but sometimes you may owe more money.

  2. yes, if you complete a W-4 and a I 9 for your employer, you will have 7.65% withheld for FICA, maybe 1% or more for state disability
    the amount of income tax withheld will depend on how you complete the W-4, your status, how many jobs you have and how many dependents etc.
    when you get paid, you demand a pay stub so you can see what they are withholding from your paycheck