How does a credit card purchase work? Is it extra secure?

For instance if i order an item from an online vendor using my credit card and the item fails to turn up or I get a damaged item, will the credit card company fight for my behalf against the vendor in order to get a full refund, for instance?

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  1. depends. if you do not use paypal in making your purchase, they may be a fraudulent site, and you just would get scammed. and if you dont use paypal, its not secure. so if they choose to, they can use your credit card info to buy anything that they want. so always use PayPal 😀

    oh, and idk if ur credit company would fight for you…but im pretty sure that you will have to make the lawsuit yourself, since it is your fault for buying the thing (its not your company’s fault, you told them you wanted to purchase that item)

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