How do you define the loss of life and property of innocent victims of rampant universal Terrorism?

I include in this State Terrorism, Group Terrorism and Communal Terrorism.
An eye for an eye is the order of the day and those who preach nonviolence, social and political dignity; right to life and orderly living do not care for the innocent victims that include from toddlers to elderly. Whether Bin Laden destroys or America destroys, the destruction and its consequences are the same. In all confusion of thoughts and convictions clashing one another I ask this question: Why God who created all is a silent spectator to this inhuman rampage? Who will answer?

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  1. I am going to skip the defination part.
    G-d is not silent He gave us the instruction and how to deal with it. The problem is we ingore it so we are digging our own hole not G-d.
    We can face evil and call it what it is or we can just blame G-d for our own in action.
    bin laden attacking us on 9/11 was part of long list of attacks by Muslim terrorist.
    We are now a point to do something to stop it or sit back and let it happen again.

  2. To give you an alternate perspective.
    Human species have no natural predators. So the only way to keep the population under check is by self destruction. War is inevitable for the survival of human species. Unless we somehow come up with resources to support infinite population, “peace” is not possible.

  3. Goe is never silent, whatever you are doing that you have to suffer here only!! and Everybody will suffer,, If you are doing good things you will have good fortune or good moments that will compansate with your welldone. If you are doing wrong thing you will have some malaise condition that will not be deducted, you have to get along with both.

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