3 Replies to “how do you calculate property tax for a property in india?”

  1. The rate of Property Tax varies from state to state. And it has nothing to do with the value of your property or the cost price of your property.

    In West Bengal it is calculated this way:

    1) Calculate the average monthly rental value of your property depending upon the locality and area of the property, say Rs.3 per square foot for 1100 sq ft superbuilt area of your apartment, coming to Rs.3300.

    2) Multiply it with 10 and that will be your annual rental value or Rs.33,000.

    3) 10% of that will be your quarterly municipal tax or Rs.3,300, aggregating to Rs.13,200 per annum for 4 quarters.

    Hope, it helps.

  2. Proprty tax is levied by the municipality. The calculation is very complex.
    But for a property of Rs. 20 lacs the tax will be in the range of Rs 2500/- p.a.

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