How do we invest, where to deposit the money ? How do you pay us?

In which bank do we deposit money ? What is you account no, PAN No and how do we ensure that you have got the money? Is there any receipt followed after we deposit the money ?

How do you return us the money? Do you credit the interest directly to our bank account? how do we send you our bank account details ?

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  1. OK – yours is a very interesting question – so I’ll take some very valuable time to explain the process of “banking” which is not the same as “investing”. Banks are everywhere – even in India – there are banks – and they will help you accomplish your financial goals. You must appear in person at your nearest bank to open an account. Now if there are more than 4 people working there – its a legal bank. Now you step up and ask someone – How do I open an account? – immediately someone will come and sit you down at a nice desk – there will be a phone and a computer at the desk. All banks have those on their desks. When you open an account – they will ask you some questions – like your name and address and stuff like that. They will ask you what type of account you wish to open. If you want a checking account – they you say – checking account and they’ll give you a checkbook to use to write checks. If its a savings account – they will give you a Passbook that will show how much you deposited into that account. Yes, you will get a receipt for any money that you use to open your account(s). If you want a ATM card for either account – they will give you one, and you will decide what your PIN (personal identification number) is – and you and only you will press the numbers on a pad (looks like a adding machine pad) do not let anyone see your numbers. Keep it an easy number for you to remember and do not write it down on the card! (What I do is take a piece of paper and write the numbers as a fictitious address – like my numbers are 12345 — so I write down 12345 So. Ilky Street, Mumbai with a name like Maggi! So only I know what that means. For investments you will have to be more wary – and suspicious – there are many firms that say that they will make your money earn money – but its almost impossible these days to make any money on investments. Its better to save and buy land or a business for your wife or children, so you can retire sooner.

  2. I suggest you to invest in post office through MIS a/c.
    not in bank.
    In the MIS a/c you get 8 % annual interst.
    If you invest 45000 then you will get RS-300/- per month.
    on maturity you get 5% extra.
    I suggest u invest in MIS & start a SIP & you get more return.
    contect me [email protected]

  3. investments are different types
    in banks
    in mutualfunds
    in stocks
    in land
    in gold
    in private corporations
    in healthy food
    payment is
    by withdrawals
    by repurchases
    by sales
    by sales
    by repayment (if you are lucky enough)
    by bo expenses for health

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