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  1. You have asked a pretty complex question. It is my opinion the Asset classes you personally pick should decrease the volatility of you portfolio and definately not all run with each other.

    Say for instance you had a portfolio of index funds with The Total Stock Market the Total Bond Market and Total Foreign stock market in times of Stock Market declines the Bond portion would stay stable thereby decreasing the volatility of your whole portfolio.

    You might add some Commodity , gold is one example that does not run in lockstep with stocks.

    In time of crisis when the Stock Market takes a dive Gold may even go up. Some people do not like Gold because of its high Volatility.

    My preference is LOW COST index Mutual Funds . Vanguard Funds are pretty cheap. You can increase your asset classes and increase or decrease your agressiveness by the % you allocate to different assest.

    Rick Ferri has an Excellent book called “All about Asset Allocation” If you like to read Financial Books

    There is an excellent reading list on the website Diehards.org

    Good Luck Gerry

  2. look if $ prices move gold prices move & equity prices also move.
    but realty not directly corelated.
    when person earn in share mkt they want to shift its income into immovable property thats why it’ affected

  3. Different Asset Classes per se imply that they are correlation is minimal or mutually exclusive.But some dependencies can /may be defined in a particular logic & can effect prices interactively in a mutually dependent way when the holistic economy is considered.