How do property dealers cheat their customers?

It has been seen that property dealers take away huge amount , apart from their commision in a deal.They quote different prices for buyers and seller and take away the difference . How do they do it?Does anybody know the ways to avoid it?

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  1. It doesn’t matter which country you live in – it’s the same around the world. The way to avoid getting ripped off is to essentially find an agent who you have heard from many people that he or she is an ethical agent.
    In my case, my older brother is a real estate agent here in the USA. He has to be one of the worst in the country. He doesn’t care about his clients (buyers and sellers), although he claims he does. All he cares about is his cut. Seriously. I had a property that I foolishly asked him to sell for me, as I was busy with my career at the time. He sold it for like 65% of what it was worth. I was like “WHAT?” He just wanted his commission. Nothing else matters to him – not even family apparently. He sells to the first and lowest bidder. I haven’t spoken to him in 5 years and probably never will again. He’s a scammer and a shyster.
    On the other hand, so that I don’t give ALL agents a bad rap, one of my cousins is also a real estate agent and a real estate broker (not to mention being a tax lawyer as well). OK, well, that was the person I should have used. (It was my mistake to trust my brother – but I thought it would be safe. I mean, he’s my brother, he won’t rip me off, right? WRONG). Anyways, my cousin is VERY ethical and essentially doesn’t rip anyone off. He has the intelligence to know that ripping people off is bad for his business. It’s like shooting yourself in the foot if you rip people off. Word gets out that you are a scammer, and no one patronizes you anymore. My brother is probably struggling since the word is out that he’s just a money-hungry person, while my cousin’s career is thriving because everyone knows that he is an honest and ethical businessman.

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