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  1. which country you are in? the rates are different in each country. in general if the post office in your country is owned by your Gov then it is a safe investment

  2. first you have to open a non resident account in any of the hdfc branches in India then you can transfer funds from your bank of America ac to hdfc depending on which currency account ex usd rupee etc but any how you will be loosing exchange diff but do not worry now rupee is strong. if you are particular hdfc go to their sitehttp://www.hdfc.com/. but pls take it easy bank of America have branch even chennai or city bank go to the nearest branch for they wii open an ac and even they will give you deposit receipt

  3. It is always advisable to open an NRI account as that will help you to pull back or repatriate the funds from india back to states in case you need it. just call bank of America & ask them if they have any tie up with HDFC or any local banks in India , generally they do & HDFC should be one of their listed banks as its one of the key banks in India, if yes then you will be able to transact for free & you will lose only on the exchange diff, but mind well you may have limits on the no. of transactions. In case there isnt any tieup then they may charge you a transaction fee, which shouldnt be much, unless you are just transfering 500 or 1000 dollars. i have a Citibank Suvidha account in India which is a local non nri account & Citibank Global account, i can do unlimited transfers from my global account to my India account without any transaction fee & also i get the credit instant in my india account, unlike if you were to transfer to a different bank it takes 2 to 3 working days to get the credit to your India account & you never know which days exchange rate they are taking. so i would suggest you try that & the services are real good & recently they have come up with some special schemes & privileges for NRI’s , i too have an HDFC account back in India but i hardly use them, their systems are too slow & 3 out of 10 times their server does not respond which at times has really frustrated me, citibank too has it but very minimal & it offers free demand draft , bill payment,investment,deposit & multiples services unlike HDFC wherein you may require to fillup & register for each of the service, Hope that answers your query.

  4. No need to open another bank acccount, In my personal experience it is a waste of mney opening an NRI Account.

    Just do a wire transfer from your BOA to HDFC. get all your account details together, SWIFT CODE, Branch address, Phone Number and your account number with HDFC..

    Go to your BOA branch and ask for a wire transfer, it is a fixed amount to wire money internationally.

    Normally BOA charges about $40/Wire.

    I do this all the time. contact me if you have further questions on this. [email protected]

  5. It is not as complicated as other people are trying to make it in their answers.
    you can send money to your non nri account in India from any part of the world through normal banking channels, but not for free, u do have to pay transfer charges.
    But you should know one thing, money in non nri account cannot be repatriated back to any country outside India.
    Just go toBOA ( where u are holding your account ) , give them the details of your account in India and istruct them to trasnfer the trasnfer the money from your a/c in BOA to your account in India. thats all there is to it.

  6. What is NRI?
    Do you have any account in India?
    Check with the HDFC if they will accept P.U.P.I.D.- Pay upon proper Id. If they do, then you wont have to open up an account. However be prepared for HDFC to take out fees for processing. -They all do.

    HDFC has a direct relationship with Bank of America (New York). You will need the Swift Code which is HDFCINBB. Beneficiary name: your name. Account Number: To pay upon proper ID.

    Once again, please check with HDFC if they will accept PUPID’s.

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