5 Replies to “how do I transfer a property as a gift to my nieces and nephews? and which act governs such a transfer?”

  1. You could do a Quit Claim Deed to them. That quit claims all your interest in the property to them without the transfer of money. You can quit claim to anyone. I don’t know what “Transfer of Property Act” is or if we even have one in Michigan. That’s all I can tell you.

  2. I have gone through your query.More details are required to give you a legal opinion.Which relegion you belongs to bcoz law of inheritance differs from relegion to relegion. what is nature of the property self acquired or inherited.
    I am a Lawyer,Chennai.

  3. yup they can valid donee, but why not give them as a gift that even better.
    Any transfer of property either for a short term of for change in the ownership in India it is governed by TRANSFER OF PROPERTY ACT.

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