How do I take care of a chinese money tree plant?

I bought a ‘money tree’ – one of those Chinese plants that is supposed to bring you good luck. Unfortunately, I’m terrible with plants, an frequently end up losing the poor things soon after I buy them. So, does anybody have any tips for taking care of a money tree?

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  2. The money tree also known as a jade tree is succulent which cannot tolerate over-watering. It is found in hot, dry areas which experience a huge drop in temperature at night. Though it rarely flowers indoors, but if given the right conditions, like the cacti, it can produce tiny star like flowers which are white/pink in colour. As a houseplant, they resemble miniature trees and require good light to grow though you should not expose a young plant to full sunlight. Because yours is fully grown direct exposure to sunlight shouldn’t hurt. Allow the soil to dry completely in between waterings and do not spray mist the plant. Under-watered succulents will have ‘crinkled’ leaves and over-watered ones will start to turn soft and yellow and start to drop. Because your leaves are crinkled and drooping you may need to water it more. Use a fertilizer specially formulated for cacti/succulents. This plant propagates easily with leafs planted with the bottom end in soil. This plant like all succulents is prone to mealy bug attack!!!.

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