How do i start saving for the future?

I have just begun working at my second job. I haven’t saved any money from my previous job where i worked for 2 years. I will be receiving my PF soon and would like to know how to invest it, and how to start saving money regularly from my second job’s salary.

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  1. do little things, like everyday when you get home, put all of your change in a jar. when you get your paycheck, set aside a portion, even 20$ will work, and put it in the bank to collect interest. also, skip stupid things, like buying new video games, and go somewhere like gamestop and get it used for almost 1/2 the price. try toning down to simple dinners, like no steak, or lobster, try chuck and fish. save by only getting wht u need, w/ little indulgences, like some nice chocolates. not only will u save, u will appreciate the little things

  2. You are a life career beginner i suggest what ever money you have received put them all in a bank for a fixed term or go for insurance investment plans which fetches good NAV on investments by them and also life risk coverage.For monthly investment decide to invest in mutual funds of a repute group and choose SIP scheme to deposit monthly basis and get invested for 3 years. You will have good returns as all invested money will fetch excellent returns after year 2012.

  3. Pay yourself by putting money in a savings account.
    Once you have saved enough that you can live off of for 2 – 6 months, then I would think about investing.
    Only invest what you are willing to lose.

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