How do I start freelancing, and earning money? I could also edit theses, essays, etc., for spelling and gramma

I am a retired 80=year old. pension is eroded by inflation. would like to make some income by working from home. can write on Agriculture, Forestry, Scheduled Tribes, Kerala folklore, Economics. Can also proof read and correct spelling and grammar mistakes in other people’s writings. How do i market these skills?

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  1. Great that you have the zest for it 🙂

    First develop your own website as that will also be your calling card. It will project the image you want to project.

    Then spread the word via the Net (as you’re already doing here).

    Have some business cards printed. Again, be aware of the image you want to project. A business card should be simple and yet be informative.

    Contact some organisations, such as the Rotary Club, Lions Club, etc. and give 15-20 minute talks. That is also a form of marketing and doesn’t cost anything except your time.

    If you are talented and know how to develop programmes, perhaps you can create a Grammar Check. As far as I know, there are only spell-checks on the Net. This would be very profitable if you can develop and market it. (Remember patent protection).

    Good luck 🙂

    Hope it helped a bit 🙂