how do i solve my credit card settlement dispute ?

I had done a settlement on my credit card in July 2008, but there was delay in the last payment. hence the bank is not honouring my settlement… I have cleared the total amount… what do i do to get out of this mess

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  1. Option 1: You pay the entire amount that the bank says you now owe.
    Option 2: You do another settlement, if they will let you.

  2. just keep quiet . do not do anything . just wait . they will come themselved to settle the account . u just keep the money ready u wish to pay , they can contact any time . intt they are charging is not maintainable in the court .

  3. The issuers of the credit card do specify all the conditions before issuing the card. Since you have been proved to be a willful defaulter in black and white and it was due to unavoidable circumstances you can apply the bank to honor your card specifying all the reasons. Hence the bankers are after all established for business and service they will consider the issue.

  4. send a representation to the bank stating you are ready for settlement and act accordingly.
    Advocate,High Court,Chennai

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