how do i raise a capital in such a case?

i am a student of 19, earning a little over INR 2000 pm in part time. i have seen a gud business opportunity but hav no capital. i have frnds although who r as passionate abt d idea as i am, but all v need is the money.
money needed is INR 200,000 for deposit in the space we've seen to rent out, 25,000 upfront for rent pm, plus additional money for staffing out people and renting out furniture which wud come out to another 50,000…
hoping you people wud b kind enough as always to guide me through 🙂
p.s. id be glad if negative comments r kept away, thank you

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  1. something we think is good may not be suitable for us, as is the case, you may consider it a good business but you do not have the capital to start with, it means you do not fit with the business even though it was good. why you do not start looking for something that is good and suitable for you, I do not recommend you forget about the business, but look for other businesses that are more suited to your situation right now, just for starters. after you get some capital, then you can start a business. I believe someone who is creative, it will never run out of ideas. be creative

  2. Hi

    if you are very confident on your ideas put ur propasal ti the venture capitalist they will help you.
    but ur idea need to be own.


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