How do i make money my money grow?

I has saved to an amt more than 50000 rs in my account . I would not need them for next 2 1/2 months. Is there any way i can earn a handsome returns on it for 60 days
Are ethere any Mutual fund products which offers flexibility to roll your more for amt 60 to 90 days at attractive returns

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  1. I would invest half of it in the profitable investment to make 2% monthly.
    I have invested over 100k with them. it’s simply reliable and the best as it grows better than a bank. so far my money grows to 15% in 2 months.

  2. AIG was be a best stock to invest if you plan to invest for a long term, because AIG is too big to fail and beside AIG no longer need government bailout money. if you invest in AIG are now you returning profit is 10-30 times in 3-5 years.