How do i make income tax officers understand?

i buy waste paper from local waste paper shops and send it to paper mills for recycling. Now, an idiotic income tax officer ( tooooooo brainy for me to even understand what he wants ) wants me to furnish bought note purchase accounts for the year 2008 – 2009 .
Can i tell him it is not at all possible as the petty shops do not keep account? :/
If so .. Please help!

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  1. Tell him to take a walk in a thunderstorm, no need to grease his palms post ur issue on media websites d more d better . With some luck some legal wiz may offer a way out . Tax collectors need tobe redirected to multicrore scammers , india will be cash rich overnight. All d best

  2. tell him that if he doesnt listen he would have to confront lund baba.
    P.s I am lund baba if he doesnt cooperate send him to me

  3. Ajay,

    Present him with your bank passbook and an analysis of entries therein. This should suffice.

    If you have not banked all your receipts, then, the Income Tax Officer MAY proceed on the basis of available information including information furnished by you and tax you on the supposed income.

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