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  1. U’ll have to take up the Civil services exam (The same as for IAS, IPS etc).. Once u clear the preliminary, u’ll have to prepare for the mains.. While choosing the options (such as IAS, IPS, IFS etc), u’ll have to choose IRS (Indian revenue Services).. If u clear the exam & the interview, u’ll become the Commissioner of Income Tax..

    For further info go to http://www.upsc.gov.in/general/civil.htm

    and BTW i am also doing my ca articleship and believe me don’t fluctuate your mind that way….these two things are very different from each other( i mean ca n tax comm)
    tax is just a part of what a CA knows…..and if you are more keen in being a tax comm then you are back to square one AND start with things again (for being a tax comm.) OR just go ahead with what you are doing

  2. In the first place you will have to pass the examination conducted by Union Public Service Commission, (Sangh Lok Seva Aayog) within the age limit prescribed. If you do pass with honours, then, you can select the top services which are IAS, Indian Foreign Service and IPS. Thereafter, come other services such as Indian Revenue Service. If you are successful in the examination, you can choose IRS.

    First you start as a Class A (Junior Grade Officer). After serving for three years, you will be promoted to Class A Senior Grade. Income Tax Commissioner comes much later depending on your performance, grading etc.

    Good Luck.

    Get started now!.

  3. After clearing Civil Services exam.on the basis of your selection for IRS the first posting will be that of an Assistant Commissioner of Income tax and after earning promotion as Deputy Commissioner, Joint and Additional Commissioner you can yearn for the prime post of Commissioner of Income tax.

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