How do i get rid of lizards from my house?

We live in chennai and there are lots of lizards in our house. the house is around two years old and we have moved in recently. the house was locked up for a year or so. i am so frustrated by the lizards and dont know how to get rid of them. any ideas will be appreciated.

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  1. In most of the homes to scare and rid of lizards people hang egg shells at the places where they move mostly. u try i think this will work.

  2. where there is food for them they will come back .so let your house free with flies/ small bugs/spiders etc and no food no lizards

  3. vanakka
    hi friend even we had the same problem
    1, keep on re-arranging the furnitures so that all the place in the house is kept clean
    dont forget clean the loft
    get a really good insectiside so that the food chain is cut,
    for eg
    the lizard eats other small insects like cockroaches spiders
    flys etc
    so if the roaches eats the bates then the lizard will eat the roaches
    last but not least before ur parents could know try hitting them and kill them
    if u have small kids around the house then be extra careful

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