How do I get payment from paypal for item sold on ebay?

I have sold some of the items through ebay , in my paypal account it shows balance $32, how do I get this amount in bank? I mean is there some procedure?
Plz help


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  1. there are three ways to withdraw/transfer your PayPal balance.
    -TO A BANK ACCOUNT (checking/savings). if you have a bank account registered on your PayPal account, upon logging in, click Withdraw located just above your name on the My Account Overview page. then select “Transfer to Bank Account”, then enter the amount, select which bank to transfer the money over, then click Continue.
    -REQUEST A PAPER CHECK. On My Account Overview page, click Withdraw then select Withdraw by Check, enter amount then provide a confirmed billing address (not a PO Box address). then click Continue
    -WITHDRAW THRU AN ATM. this only works if you have a PayPal Debit Mastercard. To apply just click on Products and Services then click on View All PayPal Products, then select PayPal Debit Mastercard.

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