4 Replies to “how do i cash a government check without a bank account?”

  1. There are some banks that will cash government checks for non-customers of the bank, but they do charge a fee, and it usually isn’t inexpensive. Call around to banks in your area as to their policy. Depending on the amount, check cashing houses, or even major retailers (grocery stores) may also be able to cash the check for you.

    Alternatively, you could use this as an opportunity to get a checking and savings account.

  2. I was going to answered this question, but Jon B’s answer was as good as you will get. The only thing that I would add is carry a photo I.D. or two with you. The one thing about having a Bank Account is that if you receive regular checks you can have then direct deposited in your account and do not have to worry about be rip off on the way to get your check cash or on the way back home. I have my S.S. check that way and the money is there each month rain or shine on time and I do not have to go to the mail box ( 1 mile ) or the (bank 20 miles )
    It works for me. And with the Internet you can shop from home and even pay some of your bills. I still have to go out for food.

  3. I work at a bank that has been cashing these checks for along time we were informed today that we will only cash these checks if the check owner has an account at our bank. We used to cash them for any one but as of today because of check forgery’s we will not being doing any more. I also think alot of the banks will be going in this direction because the banks take a loss on these checks. I do believe the best and easiest thing for you to do is open an account most banks have free checking accounts which require usually 100.00 to open the account and then no minimum balance and no fees as long as the account has a positive balance. This is usually a start to developing credit which will mean more to you when you try to get a loan for a car or a house or a credit card. If you go into a check cashing place how much money will you loose in fees for them to cash the check for you-it is all your money!

  4. Some banks and stores will cash them, provided you have at the very least a non-driver’s license (though, an actual driver’s license is best).

    But, instead of just looking for a place to cash it, the better option might be using part of the check (sometimes as little as $ 25.00) to open an account at a close-by bank or credit union. That way, this could be the last time you’d have to worry about it, and you still get to cash the one you have on hand.

    If you go with that, a checking account is probably best and easiest, since you would most likely be taking out more than you’re able to save (at least for a while).

    A little tip if you do open an account – If you don’t have either a driver’s or non-driver’s license, then bring at least something with your picture (like a Sherriff’s ID), and as many proofs of who you are as possible (like a lease for an apartment, a utility bill, your birth certificate, etc….). A license is best, but banks are usually willing to work with you as long as you can give them enough proof that it’s really you.

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