3 Replies to “How do fund houses charge the various taxes that a mutual fund is subject to?”

  1. The fund doesnt pay taxes. The investors pay taxes on their share of distributions, dividends and capital gains. Each investor receives a 1099 each year stating their share of dividends and capital gains to file their taxes.

  2. Dear,
    AMC not charging tax they only deducting redeption charge which is commonly 1 % .Your capital gain only tax applicable.Its 17 % below 20%.
    eg:- purchase NAV 10.00 after 2 month which reached NAV 15.00
    sale NAV 15.00 * – 1 %
    redeeming amount – invested amount= capital gain
    capital gain * – 17%

    Taxed capital gain + invested amount = credited amount to your bank account

    hahaha you got it ——– good luck invest now

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