12 Replies to “How could I clean my gold jewelry?”

  1. I heard rhubarb or brown sauce work good for polishing gold. Sounds weird I know but they’re supposed to be good.

  2. Well to be honest i think you should go to a gold smith do you really want to experiment on the gold and if its expensive you dont want to ruin it myabe get it proffesionally done 🙂

    hope i heelpeddd x

  3. take it to some gold jewelry shop n ask them to wash it they will do it instantly.otherwise mix washing powder in warm water n dip the jewelry into it for half an hour after that clean with an old tooth brush.it will also help.

  4. take an old toothbrush(which u dont use anymore)
    first wash the gold with clean plain warm water and then take a soap solution…..rub as much a su can with the brush…neatly…..dipping it in soap water…..every time….and ur jewelry will….be glittering soon ones again!!!

  5. Hi, you can put your gold jewellery in small cup. Pour water and little washing powder and soak till it frotate. Keep it for one whole day and the next day you should clean it with plain water and see the results. It will be brightful and shining compared to older one. Never use any chemical products its loss for you because it is a gold jeweller.

    Hope it helps for you.

    Gud Bye!!

  6. toothpaste (weird i know) works well on silver and gold i’m pretty sure. cleaned my pandora charm bracelet with the stuff last night 🙂

  7. got to a goldsmith, then could do it professionally since your pc if a bit tarnished! all the liquid u have will not help u to solve the tarnish which is the major issue now.

  8. Hello,

    I would suggest you to take it to a gold shop. It will be the safest way to do it. By doing it at home you might break something. With expensive things like this, go to a professional.

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