How Co Op Bank can refuse third party payment on withdrawal payment slip ?

Because of short of the time my daughter gave me withdrawal slip on my name to withdraw the money from bank, she dont hve cheque book facility, when I go to the bank they refuse to make third party payment on withdrawal slip, and the executive of the banks has torn the withdrawal slip and insult me ! is it fair ?

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  1. The bank does it in the safety of the account holder. Withdrawal slips are meant for self withdrawal only. Still if you are nice to them and can prove your bonafides, I am sure the bank co-operates.

  2. No insulting you is not at all fair. It is your daughter that decided not to accept the cheque facility and preferred self withdrawal slips. it cann ot be treated as cheque leaves. It is only given to the depositor across the counter when he/she needs to withdraw the amount from savings account. How she managed spare slips and kept her custody to use it as cheque leaves? It is irregular and that is why the executive distroyed it.

  3. Any story can be presented as per our suitability. You are trying to project yourself as the victim. You do not see what wrong you have done.
    If your daughter is short of time than she should have availed the checque book facility.
    She should not have carried the withdrawal slip home.
    Withdrawal slip is ment only for the a/c holder.

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