6 Replies to “How can u make an mutual fund profitable?”

  1. Mutual fund investments are meant for the long term. One of best ways to good returns is follow a systamatic investment plans.

    A recent article covered top mutual funds considering the long term performance. A case study which shows how an investment of Rs 1000 in each of these funds would have performed is covered in the article at Way2Goals.com website.

  2. I think you should consult experts like Mansukh because they can help you out in planning a strategy that will ensure better returns on investments.
    Best of luck

  3. Start invest via SIP in top 3 rating diversify equity fund fo 6 month. and after completion again choose top 3 equity fund at that time. And also switch ur invested moeny in to top rating fund if exsisting holding loosing rank. ( If You dont know top rating fund than go any finance side like http://www.easymf.com or any other.( always invest in top 5 star rating fund. do not invest in new fund offer )

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