How can senior citizen refund TDS on FD charged by the bank?

My father is a senior citizen. He is a retired govt employee and does not file his return.

Last fy PNB deducted TDS on his FD with the bank.

How can he refund this?

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  1. Hope your father had given advanced intimation to the Bank of his being a senior citizen.
    If so he is entitled to a refund of TDS from the Bank and a request be made in writing and ack obtained from the Bank on the copy of the said representation.
    If the Bank refuses to entertain the refund than you will have to lodge a complaint with RBI along with ack copy of your request letter for intervention.

  2. Yes. He can get the refund. But first things first pl ask your dad to fill up a form which the bank provides. This way in the current year no TDS will be deducted. Bank also provides the form for TDS refund provided your dad has not taxable income.

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