How can i withdrawl money from paypal to any other bank in india?

i have verified paypal with my bank account in india,now my question is how do i transfer my funds to other bank account(my son’s bank account).Is it possible.i live in india

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  1. You can withdraw funds to your bank account and not to your sons bank account as not allowed but you can first transfer your bank and then from your bank account to your son’s bank account.

    PayPal is very strict in terms of rules and regulation, as you said your bank details are already verified, so first do the transfer in your bank account

    Click on withdraw (option you check left side after overview)
    Log in to your PayPal account and click Withdraw at the top of the page.
    Select the bank account you want to use.
    Enter the amount and click Continue.
    Select your purpose code for withdrawals.
    Make sure that your information is correct and click Continue.

    withdrawal process takes 5-7 working days, to get funds in your registered bank account in India, you don’t need to worry as bank account is already verified.

    For Purpose codes refer this

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