How can I transfer the GPA to my mothers name?


My father had a residential land in Merrut. The only document which we have at this point of time is a GPA in the name of my late father, given to him by the seller. This is a notarized GPA.

My father passed away few years back. So please let me know how can I get this property transferred on to my mothers name?

Thanks, GS
This was purchased from a Private Builder in Merrut, India.

So in this case at this point of time who is the owner of the plot?

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  1. Please go back to the original seller and have the seller deliver a Deed. The best kind is a General Warranty Deed.

    If the seller is no longer alive you will have to either probate the property or file a suit in court for what is sometimes called “A suit to quiet title”.

    Either way, you will have to file a court case to create the proper documents. Or can you live without any paperwork?

    You will need a lawyer, without a doubt.


  2. GPA dies along with the death of Agent or Principal.

    The GPA after the death of your father is invalid. If you have proofs of purchase like payment receipts from the seller who gave GPA to your father, you can approach that person who gave GPA and get transfer deed registered in the name of your mother.

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