4 Replies to “How can I transfer money(Rupees) from my sbi net banking to axis bank Account?”

  1. Hi Anoop

    1. Login to your SBI Account
    2. Select Third Party Fund Transfer
    3. Add your Friends Account Number & name
    4. Select the Axis Branch & IFSC code number of that Bank( your friend could provide the IFSC code from his cheque book)
    5.Request for confirmation message comes to your mobile accept it by providing the codes given to you in SBI account
    6. You could transfer money after 24 hrs.

  2. Firstly you have to add beneficiary to your netbanking a/c of SBI using your friend’s branch RTGS No or search option using bank and branch name. After adding beneficiary, you have to authenticate it using PIN supplied through SMS by your bank, then simply you can transfer the money to your friend’s a/c.

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