How can I tell if something is real gold?

My little sister found some Captain Morgan Spiced Rum coins in my great grandmothers old apartment. At first we thought it was plastic, but it was cold to the touch. On the back, instead of saying “No cash value” it says “one piece of eight.” It isn’t attracted to magnets, it is scratched by a coin and it has the same color as gold, but how else would I be able to tell? I imagine the coin is mixed with another metal because, where there aren’t any words or symbols, it is quite smooth.

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  1. bite it, it is how they have always tested gold, or u can get some things that you know are gold and drop them on a hard surface, drop your coin and if it “rings true” its gold, if the sound is offf then it is not

  2. you have dip that coin in any acid. if it is real gold it will not get reacted?? because real gold gets dissolved only in the mixture of HCL and HNO3 which is known as aquaresia.

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